Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surviving the Sun

Recently, I told you all about the dangers of tanning and ultraviolet light. Well, it affects more than your skin.

Why do we wear sunglasses? Oh yeah...because the sun's in our eyes.

The sunlight in our eyes is none other than ultraviolet light and not all sunglasses protect you from it.

Sure, you can rock some shades and look all fly...but to really protect your eyes, you should wear UV ray protecting sunglasses.

You can find them anywhere and your eyes will thank you. They need protection from the sun's powerful light.

Your eyes are directly exposed to ultraviolet light in tanning beds. That is why they make you wear those funny little goggles when you step into those. Your eyes will not be okay otherwise.

According to this informative handbook from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, "excessive exposure to UV radiation from daily activities...can burn the front surface of the eye."

Special protection sunglasses can save a lot of trouble.

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