Monday, June 11, 2012

High School Survival Guide: Do’s & don’ts

1.) Do make a good first impression on your teachers, peers and school administrators by carrying yourself in a respectable, mature manner. These lasting first impressions will follow you throughout high school.
Do not build a negative reputation for yourself. Demonstrate respect towards others and do not engage in activities that may possibly land you in trouble.

2.) Do stay focused and take your freshman year seriously. Understand the importance of your freshman year so that you are not left making up credits later on.
Do not develop a careless attitude towards school work. Failure to complete assignments will result in lack of success.
3.) Do join clubs and sports and participate in after school activities. Earn community service hours and engage in as many productive activities as possible.
Do not wait until your senior year to realize that you have noty accomplished anything.

4.) Do challenge yourself. Take honors and Advance Placement courses. They will benefit you in the long run by increasing your GPA and when filling out college applications.
Do not be afraid of a challenge. Be confident in your capabilities to achieve success in certain areas and you will be surprised at how well you do. If you struggle to acquire academic success within an area, do not be afraid to seek help from your teachers.

5.) Do avoid drama. Learn to pick your battles. Decide which battles are worth fighting (verbally and mentally that is) and which one’s to let go.
Do not try to fight every battle. In particularly, those you have no control over. If you cannot control the outcome of the issue, then chances are, it is not a battle worth fighting.

6.) Do chose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with positive individuals who have good motives and want to pursue good goals in life.
Do not surround yourself with negative people. Negative people can encourage negative behavior.

7.) Do keep your relationship separate from your school responsibilities.
Do not make your girlfriend/boyfriend your entire focus and do not spend your years in high school searching for love. Stay focused on academics.

8.) Do stay above the influence. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Talk to a trusted adult if you are struggling to resist drugs or alcohol
Do not give into peer pressure.

9.) Do make your years in high school enjoyable, and memorable. Get involved and participate in school activities and take advantage of opportunities.
Do not let life, opportunities and 4 years of high school pass you by.

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