Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Checklist

Okay, we get it...High School Musical II is really the only thing on our minds during those last minutes before the final bell rings and we are free for three blissful months.

Oh, COME ON (you know it's true).

So nine months of school are finally over. And three months of sun, surf and excitement are just around the corner. All of you high school survivors deserve to have a little fun. 

While the ladies are getting ready to get their tan on and the guys are cannon-balling into the community pool, here are a few must-haves for your handy-dandy summer survival kit. 

The Summer Survival Checklist

What to keep in your beach-bag

First off, you need sunscreen. Don't get me wrong, tans are great but burning is not and no one wants peeling skin.

Stylish shades are fundamental. Florida already means sunglasses are a must 24-7 (with UV-ray protection). During the summer they are necessary for survival. 

Swim suit! Even if you don't plan on going swimming, you should pack it. Once, I was out with the family and we were passing the beach. My parents were dressed in slacks and heels but that did nothing to stop us from grabbing our swimsuits and jumping in. You never know when these urges will show up and you might as well be prepared. 

Emergency towel: When out with friends, you never know whose pool you'll be jumping into.

Flip flops: I wear sandals all summer, but flip flops are best for the beach.

A hat: Who enjoys face burn? I doubt anybody does. If you do not want sunscreen on your face, a hat will keep you safe. 

Goggles. Swimming with the fish implies seeing the fish. Goggles will provide this freedom. Scuba gear also bestows this joy (and assists breathing).

What else should we add to the beach bag?

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