Monday, November 28, 2011

I Think the Worst is Over... Maybe?

My first quarter of high school was gruesome, filled with gut wrenching tests, unexcpected pop quizzes, and the occasional "bring your grades up or say goodbye to UF" speeches from mom. Overall, it wasn't that terrible, but I ended up not getting as many As as I would have hoped on the report card.

However, we're smack dab in the middle of the second quarter, and my grades are much better the second time around. In the first quarter, everything was so new, teachers included. It took me a while to adjust to such a big atmosphere, let alone the school work itself. I think I adjusted well, I've learned how teachers like certain things, and now, in the second quarter, have done a much better job than beore. (So far.)

Although, I have no idea how the next two quarters will be like, and I'm dreading Mid-Terms and Finals (just thinking about the AP Exam makes me sick), I'm proud of myself, and enjoying my grades as they are now, because you never know how things will end up.