Sunday, July 15, 2012


Dear incoming freshman:

     Everyone knows that no one knows how to solve the agony of high school. Your family and peers threw advice in our face before high school started: 
  - Stay focused
  - Bring a healthy attitude to school
  - Don't procrastinate
  - Make friends your first day
  - Be prepared with school supplies
  - Take advantage of extra credit
  - Stay out of trouble
  - Don't use your phone in class
  - Hang with the right crowd
  - Stay organized
  - Enjoy the little things
  - ...
     Despite the never ending lists, you will be okay. Yes, of course you should complete this checklist, but this is all easier said than done.
     School seems to be tedious and you're right it comes in waves as high as tsunamis, but realize you have to try and push through it and you'll come out unscathed. 
     Your first day will be awkward when your sitting in your class, the teacher takes attendance, the room holds so much tension that it binds everyone to the seat and no one wants to move, and you have to push through one day at a time. This is only the first day so don't worry, you will make so many friends as long as you break barriers and be the stronger person to say "hey."  
     Every school is different which means there's a wide variety of kids at every school and you will be bound to make new friends, just be open.  
     Teachers assign more work than you are used to from middle school and you will adapt if you don't procrastinate.
     Please take this information, coming from a junior high school student, and apply it. This information was also given to me over the years and here is my compilation of hope and advice from me to you. It is easier said than done, but all of this is possible.
     Enjoy walking down the halls of your high school with your nose up, from your wealth of pre-acquired wisdom, on day one.