Thursday, September 30, 2010

Technology is Taking Over Schools

Rumors of online textbooks, computers instead of laptops, and an increase of online classes sweep the school halls. These changes are supposed to help students get easier educations with less hassle, but they are mostly diminishing the quality of education that the students are getting.

Online textbooks take away from the students’ personal feel for the textbook. Though a kindle or nook would be easier to carry from class to class, visual learners who annotate and highlight directly on the page would have trouble keeping up by merely reading along with the rest of the class, and many would quickly fall behind.

Although the use of computers instead of laptops may sound like a fairytale come true for the technologically based teenagers of today, the information on a computer can be lost from one simple virus. Unlike books, there is only one source that holds all of that personal information, but if a book gets ruined there are always more at the local bookstore.

Another problem is that the sites that list homework and grades have helped students, and technology in the classroom is on the brink of taking over. The online exercises for homework are constantly being copied from online sites or being done by other people. This takes away from the quality of education that students can get.

It is these many issues that should strengthen us in our desires to protect and continue to use our educating sources that aren’t technology based; that aren’t enabling students to cheat; that aren’t erased with one virus or power surge; that don’t impersonalize the learning system and alienate students.

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