Monday, September 20, 2010


School clubs...every school has them.
You either love them, like them, or neither.
Some schools have clubs that are not that appealing.
Some schools have clubs that you don't even know about.
Some people believe that clubs are really not beneficial, therefore never joining a school club in all four of their high school years. Some actually joined a club and their membership did not last long, for the reason of being uninterested.
I can honestly say I was one of those people.
Until I discovered Key Club...

I remember like it was yesterday. I was sitting enjoying lunch with friends when I saw this big banner that said "Key Club". I pointed it out to my friends and asked them if they knew what it was. I then asked them if they thought it had to do with making keys. We were very curious, so we we walked over to the table to ask what it was all about.
At the table, I found out that it was actually a community service club. They did a lot of community service on the weekends and the membership fee was $30, including a t-shirt.
I was intrigued, since I am a person who enjoys giving back, I thought about how busy I could make my weekends dedicating it to giving back to my community. Yes, $30 was a lot of money, but I wanted that t-shirt too!
My friend on the other hand kept saying "I'm not paying $30 to join a club, I can use that for more important stuff."

And now I am a proud Key Clubber for four years now, and an officer for 3 years. I'm glad I took that step to join the only club I stayed dedicated to.
Key Club is not your average community service club. It is nowhere near boring! You are constantly learning more about [the history of] it and yourself. I personally believe that Key Club is all of the clubs in one because there is something for everyone there, whether you like to travel, like to write, like to create things, talk to people, and even lead.
You get recognized for your hard work and talent. You also get scholarships for college.

For me, Key Club has made my high school years so much better.
I'm really proud to say that I have been a Key Clubber since freshman year. When you have been a member since freshman year, you gain and learn so much in four years.
There are always opportunities to meet new people, even people who you can be sure you will be friends with when you leave high school.
It really is like you are apart of a family, a family that is so much better than your own, if you have a seriously dysfunctional family.
Even when the homework and home life pounds on, Key Club helps me to remember that there are people out there suffering worse than me, and there are people out there who can make you smile by simply being themselves or children who you can make smile by either fund-raising for the ones in need (UNICEF, Operation Smile, March of Dimes) or spending a weekday afternoon or even a Saturday morning with them. With me giving up my 2-3 extra hours of sleep for 2-3 hours of community service, I believe that's the way you get the key to their hearts and that's what Key Club is about, unlocking the hearts of those less fortunate.

So if you really think that high school clubs are really not worth your time and not worth your money, think again!

Better yet, join your school's Key Club! You won't regret it!

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  1. WOO, go Key Club! Reading your blog post reminded me of how much I love Key Club as well. It really is a fantastic club and is run on such a huge scale- there are no boundaries to who we can help. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels so passionate about this club- I can totally agree with you that it is a life-changing club.