Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting the Most Out of High School

We've seen the movies. We've read the books. We've heard the songs.

High school is often portrayed (in pop culture, anyways) as this massive fishbowl of jerks, preps, dorks, jocks, ect. all trying to find their place. Or in some cases, there are those who could care less and are content with simply finding the best place under the desk to plaster their chewing gum to. Many, however, just can't wait to get out into the Legit Real World (no, not the MTV show.)

The thing is...high school, as with everything in life, is exactly what you make of it. It could end up being the most miserable four years of your life, which you will leave you flinching and shuddering everytime you recall it for the next fifty years until your memory runs thin...or, it could be a trial period. An experimential period.

Before I start sounding like a psychoanalyst, let me get my point across: Take advantage of everything your high school has to offer. Join the dance team if you love to dance. Join student government if you like being involved. Go to a few football games. Have a little school spirit.

There is no benefit in mooching around, waiting for the last day of senior year to roll through. High school is the time to practice for the Legit Real World, and why not spend those last few years in the school system with great memories to take with you after high school?

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