Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Starting off the year right!

So the first week of school has passed me by, and entering my senior year I realize how quickly time disappears. It was only last week I was dreading the first day of school and now, here I am sitting among piles of homework, books, and schedules. 
It's crazy how fast things move. 
With that in mind, I'm planning on tackling this year a little differently, especially considering how many different commitments I have to balance on top of my classes.
My first few years of high school I tended to procrastinate A LOT and just let things happen instead of taking action. As a result, my life was a disorganized mess. 
Here's my plan to make sure that doesn't happen this year!

1. MAKE LISTS. Lots and lots of lists. Make lists of everything: homework assignments, meetings, things you need to tell your teachers, stuff you need to buy. I'm making sure I write every little thing down so I don't forget in the mess of senior year!

2. DO THINGS AHEAD OF TIME. That means start studying for the SAT weeks in advance. As much as I hate admitting this, I've started doing my homework on the bus...because I just don't have time anymore. If you're sitting at home with nothing to do, don't get dragged into Netflix or Twitter! DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. My three years of chronic procrastination only remind me that I regret it every. single. time. So huge change for this year: don't keep putting things off. Do it now!!

3. BE PROACTIVE. Nobody's going to sit there and hand you straight As, perfect teacher recommendations, leadership positions or cross-regional projects to raise money for struggling children in America. If you want to get something done, do it and DO IT FAST. Show initiative! This is a big thing I didn't do at the beginning of high school and I really regret it. It's SO important to show that you're a go-getter and work on those kinds of leadership skills early so you can build a solid foundation for later years and really make a difference. I wish somebody had told me that when I was a freshman.

So those are three major ways I'm looking at altering the way I attack my final year of high school. Hopefully this was helpful to other highschoolers so you guys don't make the same mistakes as I did! Let's make this year count!

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