Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on stress

We have all spent our summers working, relaxing, hanging out or preparing for the next school year.

Summertime is considerably less stressful than the school year.

Now that August is underway, we have to start mentally preparing ourselves for the high school routine (and workload).

High school can be stressful: standardized test prep, tough classes, community service, sports, extracurricular activities and college research.

The key is balance and time management.

What can you do to ease your long days, excessive homework assignments and organize your overflowing schedule of events?

  • Well, first, you can get an agenda. Jotting down everything that you have to do and keeping it in order is the best way to keep track of your activities, assignments and deadlines. 
  • Have fun. Take some time off of work on the weekends. It's good to spend an afternoon with your friends. 
  • Exercise. This is a huge stress reliever. If you are feeling frustrated, go for a jog or to the gym for an hour. Later, come back with a clear head and get back to work. Chances are, you'll feel much better.
  • Don't over-do it. Challenging yourself is important, but you should play to your strengths and respect your limits. When you are stocking up on tough classes, make sure you don't take too many. Leave room for flexibility. You need a breather every once in a while. 
  • Do what you love. Take classes and participate in activities that you enjoy. You are more likely to stress out when you dislike your work.
Work out a plan early so you start the school year off right. Your preparation could shine in your report card.

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