Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Its a horrible disease that eats away at your brain starting the day you end junior year.

Senioritis really makes those late beach nights and movies really appealing compared to the economics homework sitting on your desk. Sometimes its just easier to just skip that homework, or read that chapter for your literature class later. Don't fall into its evil trap! Use these suggestions to escape the wrath of senioritis.

Follow a schedule. Make a schedule every morning and try to follow it through the evening. Making sure you get everything done beforehand allows for some down time later. This means do your homework earlier and don't get lazy (easier said than done). By following a checklist you also stay organized and feel more accomplished when that list slowly gets shorter. Besides, its easier to take things day by day than week by week, and gives leeway for unexpected events.

Schedule some work and down time. Take one day out of the weekend to do all your homework, and I mean all of your homework to free your weekend up for some fun. I'm not saying do it all on Sunday, but maybe Friday or Saturday during the day. If you're consistent and get into a routine, it'll make getting your homework done easier, like tying your shoe. This also preps you for college giving you some insight on what it will be like to manage both fun and work when mom and dad aren't around.

Stay focused. Seniors, we're in it for the home stretch and just because we're seniors doesn't mean we're done with high school yet. Don't let your grades slip and don't wait until the last minute for anything. Sports and clubs are fun and all, but they are not the real reason why you go to school. Good grades help you get into a good school, and good grades ultimately lead to graduation.

Stay busy. The second you aren't productive the laziness will consume you. Taking a break is okay once and a while but not for three hours at a time. Staying busy keeps the mind agile and "the ball rolling." This is also a good way to get everything done, while also leaving time for ABCFamily's eight o'clock movie.

Although this is a message specifically to seniors, all others must heed my warning. Senioritis is a horrible disease and should be treated with care. Don't let it consume you and proceed through high school with caution!

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