Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Most people are not aware that it is impossible to contract Senioritis without experiencing Junioritis.

A junior, myself, I have witnessed my classmates succumb to the pressure that comes with junior year.

"Take Advanced Placement classes."

"Write your résumé."

"Join clubs and sports."

"Do not forget to get enough sleep..."

That last one is the icing on the cake.

Some juniors lean towards academics and sign up for AP courses.

Others have strength out on the field or on the stage.

All juniors have to think about what they are going to tell colleges they did their high school lives.

The pressure is sometimes unbearable. Yet, there always happens to be that one person that, despite their own troubles, shows up with a smile and a joke.

How do you cure junioritis? I am not sure it is avoidable, but it can be kept in check.

Be the sunny face in your classroom. Positive attitudes go a long way.

It will make the year easier for yourself and for everyone else.

Happy cramming!

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