Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A reaction to the Broward County Schools lockdown

A little fishy.

Those are my thoughts after reading about the lock-down that occurred today, shutting down all Broward County Public Schools. The original threat is believed to be made through an email sent to a local radio station as opposed to the police department.

Anyway, after hearing about the news online, I contacted some Broward County students, since I go to school in Dade, to gather some information which I wrote up below:

On the day before guns were to be shot respectfully, an unidentifed man threatened to shoot his own gun, as all schools and government buildings in Broward County and Pembroke Pines were placed on lockdown around 9:45 am.

"My mom texted me, it was a state of panic," Sebastian Padilla, 16, of Flanagan High School said.

Students remained in their classrooms for the rest of the day amid concerns from parents and relatives.

"I hoped it would be nothing serious," Stephanie Padilla, 18, of Broward College said.

A crazy day indeed, does anyone have a similar story?

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