Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Backpack or Trashcan? QUIZ

Is your backpack a trash can?
My backpack is like a walking trashcan.
To maintain being a very unorganized-organized person I have to clean out my backpack almost every other day.
So, is your backpack a walking trashcan?
1. Do you walk to the trashcan to throw away loose leaf papers and handouts you don't use?
a. Yes b. No
2. Do you leave the empty bag of chips you were sneaking as a mid-day snack?
a. No b. Yes
3. Do you have a different folder or notebook for every subject?
a. Yes b. No
4. Do you have a pencil case?
a. Yes b. No
If you answered mostly A's you have a backpack.
For those of you who answered mostly B's have a trashcan. =p

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