Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to Stay on Your Teacher's "Good Side"

  • Act interested. Try to honestly be interested in what your teacher is talking about. (That means no sleeping in class, unfortunately.) If you go into class with this mentality, not only will you enjoy it more, your teacher will appreciate your enthusiasm.

  • Go the extra mile. Teachers have plenty of students who try to scrape by, by doing the bare minimum. Small steps, however, can set you apart from the rest. Type, instead of write, an essay even if it's not specifically required. If you find a news article on something relevant to the class, bring it in and share it with the teacher. It won't require much extra work on your part, and your teacher will take notice.

  • Ask questions...wisely. Yes, ask questions. Teachers are there to help, and you really shouldn't hesitate to ask... after you've tried to answer the question yourself. Ask questions if you honestly don't understand something, not if you're just too lazy to find it out for yourself.

  • Do your homework. This goes hand in hand with the "acting interested" part. Consistently completing your work proves to your teacher that you are a hardworking individual.

  • Use your manners. This may sound obvious, but you'll be surprised how much simple please's, thank you's, and good morning's can make a teacher's day.

  • Follow basic class rules. This means putting your cell phone on silent, coming to class with your supplies, and raising your hand to talk. Yeah, it may sound like too much effort right now, but it definitely pays of really well in the long run. This shows your teacher that you respect them enough to follow their classroom regulations.

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