Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to: pay attention in math class.

I really really really really dislike math. I can't help but doze off into dreamland during math class. As interesting as the formulas to solve for the interior and exterior angles are, I'd rather be thinking about the weekend or what's for lunch.

If you think about it, unless your eating pi, math really isn't that interesting.

I'm more of an English girl myself. (No offense to all of you math loving people!)
I've been trying this new technique lately to help me focus in math class.

If you go into math thinking,"Ughhh I hate math. I can't find x for my life."

That attitude will define your effort in the class, which defines your grade.
Try this
1. Be excited. Pretend you're going on an adventorous hunt to find x, y, or even z!(:
2. Pretend that you like math.
3. Sit up straight! If someone were to put a book on your head while you are sitting it should'nt fall.
And remember, Math is fun! But, English is better!

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